A Next Generation Copper Company

Bam Bam Resources, Corp. (CSE:BBR │OTC:NPEZF│XFRA:4NP) is engaged in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing prospective copper properties directly in response to the growth of the electic vehicle (EV) industry. Focused on high grade, prospective copper properties in North America, Bam Bam Resources is building a portfolio of copper projects in prospective, mining-friendly jurisdictions.


  • Bam Bam Resources (CSE: BBR) is adding value to North American mineral projects

  • Mission: To acquire and advance quality copper properties

  • The company has a lease assumption agreement to acquire 100% of the Majuba Hill Copper Property, Nevada USA

  • Capital Structure: 15 million shares outstanding, 20 million fully diluted

  • Managed by a growing team of resource sector professionals focused on value development.

Our Team

  • David Greenway, CEO & Director

    Mr. Greenway brings more than two decades of experience in managing, financing and developing growth strategies for various TSX Venture Exchange- and Canadian Securities Exchange-listed companies, including involvement in acquisitions, business valuations and investor relations. His key expertise lies in the management and development of junior public resource companies, especially in the mining, and oil and gas sector. He has held directorships, senior management and business development positions, including his role as the chief executive officer of Stamper Oil & Gas Corp., Veritas Pharma Inc., Chief Consolidated Gold Mines, SNS Silver Corp., Moneta Resources Inc. and Sterling Mining Company and his board position in Mountain View Conservation Centre. Mr. Greenway attended University in Bournemouth England, where he studied accounting and finance.


  • Natasha Sever, CFO

    Ms. Sever is a CPA designated in both Canada and Australia with a BCom from Edith Cowan University. She joins the company with more than 10 years of experience in senior finance roles over a wide range of industries, including mining, retail and technology. Ms. Sever has held officer positions at a number of publicly listed companies in both Canada and Australia and has a proven record of working in alignment with and to the benefit of the board and associated stakeholders. Her extensive experience with company financings as well as Toronto Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange regulatory compliance will serve to ensure the company manages its affairs in a transparent and proper fashion.

  • John Ryan, Advisory Board

    Mr. Ryan has been an active entrepreneur in the resources sector for over twenty years. He has extensive experience in the natural resource sector having served as an officer and/or director of companies such as Bunker Hill Mining, Premium Exploration, Cadence Resources. High Plains Uranium, U.S. Silver Corporation, and Western Goldfields, Inc.  Mr. Ryan has extensive executive experience with start-up companies and provides valuable insights regarding mining and other operations as well as public company expertise. Mr. Ryan has also acted as a professional Director in a number of cases of turnaround and/or distressed company scenarios. Mr. Ryan obtained a B.S. in Mining Engineering from the University of Idaho in 1985 and a Juris Doctor from Boston College in 1992.

  • Bryson Goodwin, Director

    Mr. Goodwin is a practiced international executive with over 25 years experience in finance, management, investor relations and operations in both private and public companies. His experience has demonstrated an operational, market and banking track record in the Resource, Oil/Gas, Technology and Biotechnology sectors. Over the course of his career he has fostered an extensive high profile international association of contacts and close relationships through networking and proficient communication skills. He has been engaged by a number of resource, energy, cleantech and technology firms in the departments of; management, finance, business development and PR & IR. This has required extensive travel and flexibility in approach to business. Most recently Mr Goodwin has held, “C” level executive positions in the resource and energy sectors. He joins us with experience in corporate turn-arounds and the systems governing Canadian and US Stock Exchanges. Mr. Goodwin also sits on the board of a number of public and private companies.



  • Kelly Pladson, Corporate Secretary

    Ms. Pladson has acted as Corporate Secretary and provided corporate governance and regulatory compliance services to many TSX Venture and CSE listed companies since 2009. She works closely with the company’s CEO and legal counsel in maintaining corporate records, managing the day to day operations of the company and ensuring the company’s filings with the securities commissions and exchanges are accurately filed and in accordance with their deadlines. Prior to 2009, Ms. Pladson was an investment advisor’s assistant for two years.



  • Philip Kwong, Director

    Mr. Kwong has managed and founded numerous private enterprises since 2010. He has worked across a variety of emerging industries, which include mobile technology and creating multivendor mobile digital marketplaces. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in his early 20s subsequently launched his career in the cannabis sector.

    Mr. Kwong founded, and is chief executive officer of, 3 Carbon Extractions Inc., a company based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, creating an industry solution for compliant and safe extraction solutions. Through 3 Carbon, he has entered into an exclusive Canadian market agreement with United States company ExtractionTek Solutions, based in Denver, Colo.